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Town Of Aurora Collective Agreement


In addition to compensation, the Aurora Police Association has struggled to increase other benefits in the collective agreement. We have proposed and earned increases in annual vacation time, personal leave, sick periods, bulletproof vests and other conditions that improve the lives of our members. Outside of the negotiations, regular collaboration with city and police personnel has led to simple but significant improvements, such as extension. B seat belt for Chevrolet patrol vehicles and rifle carriers for public servants. Our APA Board members have played a key role in commissions that affect the digital radio system and health capacity. The Great Recession of 2008 led to mostly frozen salaries for two contracts. Fortunately, we were not made redundant because of the 2 per 1,000 hiring orders issued in 1994 by the APA by 194 by 194 by 194 per state. After this recession, we quickly accelerated our salaries to essentially comply with the Denver Police Department, our main competitor for quality recruits. For the last two contracts, about every year, we traded the top ranking in base salary with the Denver Police Department, a scenario that helps ensure stable increases in the future. The City of Aurora provides each officer with the following uniforms and equipment: New duty weapon Weapon police employees must purchase their own service weapon, which must meet departmental standards. All new police recruitments must carry one of the following authorized service weapons: Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 34. New police recruitments are also required to purchase their own weapon-mounted lighting system (must comply with departmental standards), and night tourist sites (must meet departmental standards).

Supervisors cannot ask why you are requesting a leave of absence. After 1 year of service, you will receive 28 hours (3.5 days) of paid personal vacation per year. Every two years, a negotiating team representing all Aurora police officers works with the Aurora City negotiating team and elected officials to ensure the best available contract terms and benefits for ODA officials. From 1972 to 2019, the Aurora Police Association was a collective bargaining partner for the Aurora Police Department contract. For many years, this has led to predictable and healthy increases and increases in non-monetary benefits. 80 hours per year, increase with seniority with a maximum of 200 hours per year. For 2080 hours worked, you will receive 120 hours of paid absenteeism per year. Body Armor Allowance Thanks to the generosity of the Aurora Police Association Charitable Foundation, all APA members are entitled to receive up to 500 $US every four years to fill any gaps in the Aurora Police Service`s reimbursement program. Program restrictions:- The APA covers the reimbursement of approved body tanks covered by the department.

No carrier-type jacket, etc. – Items purchased before December 1, 2019 are not permitted – members must send a copy of the completed APD refund form and a copy of the original purchase document to the APA. If you have any questions about participating in the Body Armor Allowance program, please contact our offices.