Section 22 Collaboration Agreement – Tuyuri Karin


Section 22 Collaboration Agreement


8. The new sections 22B and 22C will be introduced in the 1996 Act. These sections introduce new tasks for senior officials and police services to explore opportunities for cooperation and to cooperate where in the interests of efficiency or effectiveness of their own and other police areas. This is a stronger duty than the previous one for the police, which only had to support the cooperation of their own forces. The new tasks require senior officials and police to cooperate to explore opportunities for cooperation, to connect with potential partners, and to determine whether these opportunities are the best available option. If cooperation is considered the best option, they must work together. Another important difference from previous agreements is that if cooperation was the best outcome for another police or group of forces, an executive or police body should prosecute them, even if they do not expect their own force to benefit directly. The aim is to ensure that cooperation takes place wherever it is in the interest of the general public. The Commissioner of Police and Judicial Police approved the amended Section 22A, which replaces the original Section 22a agreement, which was signed in April 2018.

3. Until November 2012, when the police and police commissioners will replace the police services, the Executive Order provides that the reference to a police and criminal police commissioner in the definition of a “local police body” becomes a reference to a police service for a police area in Schedule 1 of the 1996 Act (see article 10 paragraph 2, point (a) (ii)). As a result, police services outside London are local polices within the meaning of the 1996 Act and, therefore, police forces within the meaning of the cooperation provisions. Legal guidelines for police cooperation can be found on the NPIA website. These guidelines will be revised in 2012 to reflect the new provisions mentioned above. Due to the nature of this cooperation, the Police and Police Commissioner only publishes the title and purpose of this agreement. The CCP has entered into the following cooperation agreement with DenErn of the East Midlands (Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire).