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Veritas Rental Agreement


Stupid question….. It`s a rental contract, not a contract to miss the sale …. Did you return the instrument? Veritas retains full ownership and ownership of the equipment until the full payment has been made and Renter agrees not to sell, sublet, mortgage, mortgage, pledge, impute, remove from the state, or any other equipment to be disposed of until all payments have been made in this contract. Veritas can terminate this agreement. This contract and/or equipment is not transferable by the tenant. The tenant authorizes Veritas to receive a personal credit report. This device rental contract is subject to authorisation within 30 days. The tenant authorizes Veritas to contact the spouse, student and/or next of kin with respect to this agreement, if this is due to the delay. In the event of payment, the security deposit (if it exists) will be refunded to the tenant within thirty days less any deductions in case of excessive damage, missing property, overdue rent and/or late fees.

Tenants who do not pay rent in a timely manner have the right to take over the original equipment lease without losing the rights or options previously acquired under the equipment lease, if the tenant immediately hands over the equipment to Veritas and/or agent upon request. The tenant has 90 days to apply for reinstatement. Before reintegration, it is necessary to pay all rents, M-R, A-R, late fees and, if necessary, delivery costs. If the initial equipment is not available at the time of reintroducation, the same quality devices will be replaced. JC Music is the favorite music store for Connecticut music educators, not only because we offer quality instruments at the right price, but also because our collaborators understand the value of music education, and we know how interesting and exciting it can be to learn how to play an instrument. JC Music strives to provide you with the best possible rental experience and to get all the beginner instrumentalists on the right track. Our shop is run by a staff of people who are first music educators and second sellers! This lease represents the entire contract between Renter and Veritas and can only be amended, amended or amended in writing by Veritas for up to thirty days. Time is crucial. All payments are due and the equipment can be returned to Veritas and/or agent. What is arbiter is that “arbitration” is a means of resolving a dispute for an independent third party. A “dispute” is any request or controversy between you and us. The concept of litigation is to maintain its broadest possible meaning and includes, without limitation, all claims or claims (past, present or future, including events that occurred before the birth of your lease (“agreement”) and if an agreement is granted to you on the basis of a legal or fair theory (contract, wrongdoing or other) and whatever type of discharge requested (i.e.

money, intercessor assistance). Litigation includes, for example and without restriction, all claims based on a federal or regional constitution, a law, a regulation, a regulation, a regulation or a common law, as well as any questions relating to the validity, applicability or scope of that arbitration agreement. For the purposes of this arbitration agreement, the terms “you” and “you” include any co-signer, co-debtor or guarantor, as well as your heirs, guardians, personal representatives or agents in the event of bankruptcy. The terms “we,” “our” and “we” mean the owners and include Lessor`s employees, executives, directors, members, directors, lawyers, related companies, predecessors and divestitures, and Lessor`s marketing, service and collection representatives and representatives. Well, the law does not impose the RMC, as far as I know… Unless there is something specific about the leases… 9. INSTRUMENTS MAINTENANCE: You are fully responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of the rental instrument, including all adaptations, repairs and general cleaning.