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Tenancy Agreement Secure Tenants


All other new leases that will begin on April 1, 2013 will be flexible leases. If you are having trouble obtaining your rental agreement, you should contact the landlord`s local office. They may be able to help you or refer you to a helpline or other agency. To be an introductory tenant, you must first check whether your city council manages the introductory rental system. If you do and you can be an introductory tenant, if you: If a rental agreement is transferred to another person by a “transfer”, all rights and obligations of the former tenant go to the new tenant. Your right to award a lease and to whom you can assign it depends on the type of lease you have. Your lease may also require the landlord`s approval before you can terminate your lease. If you give your property to someone without assigning it properly, the owner can ask a court to dislodge anyone residing in the property. All new conditions, z.B. the tenant who welcomes pets or, the landlord who increases the rent, must be negotiated and renegotiated by an additional contract signed by both parties. Another method is to sign a new lease with the updated terms. If you are a co-tenant, you are responsible for all aspects of the lease both separately and jointly. You cannot share or share rights and responsibilities.

If a tenant violates the tenancy conditions, it is the responsibility of both tenants. If a tenant terminates the lease, the entire lease ends. If you leave the property, you are still responsible for the lease until you sign it or transfer it to another person. As a secure tenant, you have the right to reside in your home indefinitely, as long as you comply with the terms of the contract. Otherwise, the Council may initiate proceedings to expel you. This can only be done legally if the appropriate procedure is applied. From time to time, we may need to change your rental terms, usually to reflect legislative changes. It is not very common. If necessary, we will send you a copy of the proposed changes and ask for your feedback. We will also consult the Council`s Tenants Forum. Some safe and flexible leases granted from April 1, 2012 may mean that you can transfer or pass on your lease more than once – check your lease.

In your rental agreement, you will discover the repairs made by your landlord. The law also makes owners liable for certain repairs, regardless of what the lease says. More details can be found in the property condition fact sheet. Your termination must end on the first or last day of your rental period, unless your lease says otherwise. As a secure tenant, you can usually reside in the property for the rest of your life as long as you do not violate the terms of the lease.