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Supply Agreement Inspection


B. We have the right to require changes in the design and design of delivered items from the supplier, as long as the supplier can reasonably expect it to comply with such requirements. The supplier must make these changes within a reasonable time. The consequences of such changes, including delivery times, additional costs and reduced costs, are the subject of satisfactory agreements for both parties. We will see such consequences at our discretion if, within a reasonable period of time, it is not possible to reach agreement on the issues described in the sentence above. c. The supplier ensures that, for a period of ten years after the end of delivery and under reasonable conditions, it can deliver the items or parts delivered in spare parts to us. Agreed dates and deadlines are mandatory. A delivery time or appointment obligation is considered satisfied if we or the recipient identified by our company received the goods in a timely manner. The supplier must immediately inform us in writing of any delivery delays. The supplier must also indicate the reasons for the delay and its likely duration.

If the default reason is outside the supplier`s chance, the supplier can only invoke this ground if the supplier has complied with its obligation to inform us in a timely manner. In the event of a delivery delay, we have the right to ask the supplier for a penalty. A fine of 0.5% is charged for each week or part of a week, the maximum penalty is 5% of the total value of the contract. This penalty or enforcement agreement does not affect legitimate late delivery rights. Contractual penalties paid are charged on damages. The contractual penalty can be claimed up to the date of payment of the late goods. E. The supplier has appropriate assurance regarding the risks inherent in this Standard VIII for the duration of the delivery. On request, the supplier must prove to us that this is being done. Agreement Title: ISS Commercial Resupply Services-Supply Agreement Type: Supply Agreement Parties: CODE FACILITY CODE Orbital Sciences Corporation Nasa-Johnson Space Center Financial Management Document Date: 03/02/2009 d. Unless otherwise stated, the supplier is liable for defects that arise within 24 months of receiving the supplier`s delivery or on the date of acceptance, provided such a receipt has been required by law or by convention.

In the case of a special supplementary benefit (corrective measures or deliveries of defect-free goods), this period is extended from the period during which the delivery item cannot be used in accordance with the contract. The specific complementary benefits are also subject to the periods mentioned above. All claims of defects are not prescribed no earlier than two months after the completion of all the final customer`s claims. This period expires no later than 5 years after delivery to us. b) The contractor provides a government-acceptable inspection system for deliveries made under this contract and only offers the government, for acceptance, supplies that have been verified in accordance with the inspection system and have been found to be in compliance with the contract by the contractor.