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Ibm Sapphire Agreement


Licensing requirements Position with the required user rights, for example. B rights (licensing, maintenance) and customer contracts (unlimited agreement, etc.). Licensing requirements are derived from technical use, on the one hand by selecting the maximum metric allowed on the basis of technical data and, on the other hand, by confirming/modifying this selection by comparing them with commercial data. Ultimately, it would not be a matter of identifying any need for a licence, but of identifying the optimal licensing needs that will make the most of the customer`s industrial area (use rights). (International) Enterprise Software – Service Option (ESSO/iESSO) Agreement on the customer. (i) ESSO agreements are contractual forms that do not contain user rights, only maintenance and options. Exception: if the ESSO agreement (i) is negotiated following a compliance audit, a settlement plan with settlement, maintenance and recovery licenses may end. The counting plan is then signed with the iESSO contract. (i) ESSO agreements offer IBM customers advantages, but also disadvantages, including mandatory maintenance. We recommend a thorough analysis to determine whether a particular customer should enter into an ESSO agreement. Secure data space The infrastructure on the client`s site consists of a private space with independent computers without a network connection, used exclusively by accountants to work on confidential customer data.

This data will never leave the Secure Data Chamber and the client`s premises. Typically, auditors sign a special confidentiality agreement – with very strong obligations and contractual penalties – before being allowed access to the data in the secure data area. OMTCO recommends constant monitoring of auditors in the secure data area during working hours. OMTCO offers secure mobile data chambers for all corporate customers. Primary Licensing Fee (SPS) A method of payment of certain IBM software products, usually as part of a PLC/ALC (Primary License Charge/ Annual License Charge) agreement. Systemupport Agreement (SSA) An extensive maintenance contract that includes a number of enhanced software support services. Transfers of claims The only way to achieve compliance at the site number level and therefore at the entity level. IBM authorizes a group balance (see IBM`s standard agreement) for a multi-numbered location company, so group-level compliance may not mean compliance on each site.

AAE transfers are an administrative process with IBM. Reception sites — usually — to their IBM sales agent — provide information about what permissions they should get and what services they should receive. Permission of the giving sites is then necessary. Your IBM sales agent can provide you with the necessary form that needs to be filled out to trigger transfers. We identify your current and planned requirements and advise you from there on the metrics and models most suited to your needs. Our discoveries from some of the world`s largest IBM Enterprise Agreements enable our customers to maximize the value of their software. Our long experience with IBM means that we can help you negotiate complex terms such as substitution clauses, cross-brand allotment (“CBA”), unlimited use agreements or audit waiver declarations, which are less costly to minimize unforeseen expenses.