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Digicert Master Services Agreement


1. SureClinical Digital Signing. SureClinical provides service users with a digital signature service that uses Adobe Digital Certificates through its identity partners DigiCert and Entrust, Inc. SureClinical is not part of a digital signature transaction on your part or from a user or other person or institution that uses the digital signature service governed by agreements between you or such a user and DigiCert or any other provider. SureClinical is not responsible for any losses that may result from your use of the digital signature service, unless SureClinical has violated this Agreement. SureClinical offers customers Internet access via a subscription service to a health science software and services service, known as health sciences services. The services allow you, among other things, to acquire, classify, manage and archive your regulatory documents for clinical trials on SureClinical`s proprietary technology. The services consist of the services and products described in this Agreement, as well as other services and products described on SureClinical`s website or described in a subscription contract or invoice between you and SureClinical. These products and services that are used are considered services and are subject to the terms of this agreement.

SureClinical provides you with these services (and all updates or improvements to the Services) subject to the terms of this Agreement. 2. SureClinical Health Science Professional Network or SureNetwork. In conjunction with services, SureClinical provides a public network, SureNetwork, in which health and life sciences professionals can share their contact information, registration information, specialties and backgrounds in an open online community. Registered SureNetwork users can share documents and sign them digitally (provided they have signed up for digital certification services), share professional network information and details. In addition, any user who registers with the SureClinical Digital Signage Service can opt to check in with SureNetwork. Each user registered in SureNetwork has created a basic profile for that user, consisting of the name, title, credentials, company or organization name, country, city and, if applicable, user status. The user can add and share this additional profile information at the user`s discretion. SureNetwork users are responsible for the accuracy of all profile information and communications they have made or for the information they have transmitted on SureNetwork. SureClinical does not verify or verify profile information provided by a SureNetwork user, candidate, government or external database, organization or person, and does not monitor the communications of SureNetwork users.