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Components Of A Licensing Agreement


Most licensing agreements are only valid for a specified period of time. The contract may have the option of renewing or having the contract amended on that date. In addition to setting an end date for the agreement, it is also worth mentioning the date on which the taker must have the product available on the market. This ensures that the product is actually sold, so that the licensee is not stuck in a deal that doesn`t make money. Some basic insurance and guarantees should be provided by each party to the other party, such as the possibility of concluding this agreement. B, the validity of intellectual property and a standard exclusion from the warranty. These and others are listed below. The reason quality control is so important is that, ultimately, public recognition of the brand is often more beneficial or detrimental to the licensee than to the licensee. If quality control is not adequately addressed in a licensing agreement, this can ultimately lead to brand dilution. If an experienced lawyer for contracts, business and trademark law has negotiated, prepared, reviewed and reviewed your licensing agreement, you should always be your first step. Some licensees do not expect licensing guarantees in contracts. Others are asking for it. A licensee should always try to get the best money possible at the beginning of the license agreement.

Technical and key personnel assistance. The proper development and use of the technology often depends on the availability of the owner and the technical team of the licensee to provide assistance and support to the licensee. The conditions under which this team is made available to the licensee should be included in the technology licensing agreement. Provisions should be drawn up relating to time conflicts, payment of travel expenses, the consequences of the inventor`s disability or death, the availability of written or video data instead of the physical presence of the inventor, the regularity and duration of periodic meetings of technical assistance and protection of confidential information. The End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) is one of the most important documents for a software developer. This agreement gives the user the opportunity to use the product. In return, the user agrees to comply with all the restrictions set out in the ECJ. Confidentiality Agreement (confidentiality agreement, confidential disclosure agreement) (conclude) A legal document allowing the disclosure of intellectual property from one party to another, the latter being authorized to use the information for specific purposes, and only for the purposes specified in the agreement and which agree not to disclose the information to third parties.

A licensing agreement can cover all or all of the following issues: Christian, Glynna K. “Joint Ventures: Understanding licensing issues.” The licensing newspaper. October 2005. A popular way to monetize brands is to allow them to be used for others. For example, franchises operate in this way by licensing the franchisee to use the brand holder`s trademarks in the franchisee`s business. Licensing also comes into play when a company`s assets are sold, but the seller wants to retain ownership of the intellectual property. As a condition for the sale, the seller conceded the use of the marks to the buyer. When considering obtaining a license from its brands, I recommend the following four elements as the starting point for the licensing agreement: For products included (specify) ______________________For agreement______ duration; for some Begriff___For Territory______________________ export rules are important in stores where the technology is exported from the United States. All exports must comply with U.S.

export control laws and regulations, particularly products and ips that may be used militarily. This is an issue outside the scope of this chapter, but as a point on the checklist, he warns the negotiator that this is a subject that needs to be taken into consideration.