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Aamu Housing Agreement


Students who cancelled their housing contract in the fall of 2020 due to COVID-19 or virtual classes, but wish to stay on campus in the spring of 2021, turn to housing@aamu.edu to confirm your spring accommodation. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $125. The fee must be paid in full for the processing of the application. If you decide to cancel your housing application, inform University Housing at housing@uah.edu. Registration fees will not be refunded if you cancel your application. School officials said Alabama A-M has a waiting list for its on-campus housing, pointing to meeting that need that could also result in a enrollment boost from students who have looked at colleges elsewhere when they couldn`t get campus housing at Alabama A-M. It`s never too late to apply for housing; However, they must first be admitted to university. An early application increases your chances of getting your preferred housing contract. We recommend that you apply before May 1 for the following fall semester or until December 1 for the following spring semester. “The next night, I received an email saying that my case was revoked every four years.” Due to COVID-19, the housing application for the spring semester of 2021 will not be open. Our operational decisions were made on the basis of the pandemic, the safety of our community, medical advice and our COVID 19 capability.

We are monitoring COVID 19 very closely and will make further adjustments if necessary. You can arrange a visit by going to the uahadmissions@uah.edu admissions service or the university in housing@uah.edu. Applications for fall housing are available for the entire year (autumn and spring). Students with a space allocation from the fall of 2020 will still have a housing mission in the spring of 2021. The new dormitory has 500 rooms and a suite-style residential house to cater to students` favorite trends. Yes, yes. Financial assistance is usually applied to all expenses on your student account, including accommodation, each balance must be paid by you or by your parent/guardian. For more information, see financial aid. Pets are not allowed on campus. Fish, in aquariums of 10 gallons or smaller, are allowed. There is a severe fine for hosting an unauthorized pet. If you need the help of a pet, contact the Disability Services Office 256.824.1997.

A spokesperson told us: “All students in the residential sector have agreed to abide by the housing rules by signing the 2020-2021 housing contract. In addition, the housing office informed students of the expectations and consequences in several written notices and virtual town halls. On-campus housing is guaranteed for students who meet the need for full-time first-year housing. Accommodation based on the date of use and availability of space will be allocated to all other students. The Tillmon family has planned to take legal action to have Christian reclaim his residential privileges. If you would like to request a change of room before moving in, please contact University Housing at housing@uah.edu. If you would like to request a change of room after moving in, please contact your resident manager. The university accommodation allows the space to be modified according to the availability of the rooms. You can ask for up to three roommate decisions if you are applying for an apartment. Students who wish to join should present themselves as the first choice.

University Housing cannot guarantee all requests from roommates, but will do everything in its power to meet your request. The UAH is committed to making appropriate arrangements for people with disabilities. If you have specific case needs, please refer to your housing application.